Saturday, January 19, 2019

Marching Again

I get a little preachy. But one thing that comes up among us older folk is, here we are again, didn’t we do this once or twice before.

Marching again
For equality.
For democracy.
To be heard.
Marching for change
For something we believe in
Marching for
Marching and using our voices
To speak out
For ourselves
For our children, our parents, our friends, people we’ve never met
Marching again
Because we care
Because we live in a free country
Because we want our government to support our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Marching because we believe in our country
And want it to be
Of America.

It’s time

It’s time.
Been too long without words
Which doesn’t mean the thoughts stopped
Or there was nothing to write about.
Life marched on,
Took some detours,
An wound up here.
There were plenty of reasons to write,
And a few repetitive excuses not to.
Water under the bridge,
So to speak.
It’s time.
To let the words out.