Sunday, September 23, 2018

Still at it

Subtitle: not a still life

Still chasing dreams.
Keeps her young.
Still dreaming,
Which is a good thing
at her age.
Still choosing to shoot for the stars
and not cry when she falls short.
At least she goes for it.
And the journey is
almost as important
as the destination.
And without those dreams,
there would be no reason to fly.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


are pretty
to look at
and listen to.
A relaxing sound
that grounds me.
Not so much.

We get to hear her sing

Extra bonus,
We get to hear her sing.
A soaring soprano can do that.
So can a full on alto.
Crooning rather than belting.
We get to hear her 
put her heart and soul 
into someone else’s song
and make it her own.
And extra bonus,
She shares the gift with us.
We get to hear that moment
when the song
becomes hers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Uninvited company

Gentle breeze pushing my hair over my eyes 
And back off my forehead.
Listening to background sounds
And enjoying it.
Until people and noise
Feel the need to sit
Next to me and across from me.
A group
Of women
Sitting in my quiet spot 
Probably because each of the other seating areas
Has a lone man camped out
Feet up on a table or chair. 
Sisterhood solidarity
Overtakes my solitude.
I guess I’m okay with that.