Sunday, August 29, 2021

Pre-Rosh Hashana reflections 2021

Pre-High Holy Days 2021 reflections 

Reflect, transform,

Happy new year.


I Have Been 

I have been weak 

I have been strong

I have given up

I have persevered

I have been aggressive

I have been passive

I have been.

I am


I have been happy

I have been sad

I have been busy

I have been bored

I have been loving

I have been unkind

I have been cynical

I have been trusting.

I am


I am


My have beens

are part

of the person

I am.

I have been.

I am.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

When my child hurts - poem

I don't think I'm finished with this one yet, but I'm posting it because I'm not sure when I will have the strength to go back to it.

When my child hurts,

My heart breaks,

as I try to figure out what I can say,

that will feel like the hug

I want to give.

Knowing that nothing said over the phone,

Will feel as comforting as my arms,

holding her tight,

as she drenches my shirt with her tears.

When my child is drowning in misery,

in my arms or a thousand miles away,

I feel helpless.

As I listen to her words and sobs,

I hold my breath to stay calm,

To hold in my thoughts of rage and revenge 

against whoever caused the pain.

I hang on

Until she emerges,

From the moment,

Wet and shaken,

And somehow stronger,

Even though she might not realize it yet.

When my child hurts,

she often recovers faster than I do,

And her life goes on.

And maybe, just maybe,

something I said or did

made a difference.

Whether it did or not,

isn’t the point.


Apple Haiku

I was so looking forward to my apple last night.

Crunchy red apple,

Looked so good and had no taste.

Juicy, what a shame.


Sunday, August 15, 2021

Writer’s Lament

[needs editing, I think]

Writer’s Lament


I had a couple of thoughts

and didn’t write them down.

Now they’re gone.

Hopefully they will come back

and I will take the time

to see where they take me.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Technology and Life

I'm not sure if this one is done but I did a lot of editing, more than usual before posting, so here goes.

Technology and Life

Technology isn’t life.

But it can help you live.

When you feel alone,

it can help you interact with people

without leaving your home.

It can help you find people

with common interests,

from around the world.

It provides a safe space

to create friendships,

so natural,

that it appears to outsiders

that you’ve been friends forever.

Technology doesn’t make friends

Technology doesn’t create relationships

It doesn’t talk, sing, laugh, weep.

It doesn’t hug, hold, comfort, celebrate, commiserate. 

Technology isn’t companionship.

Technology provides a place,

You can live in,

When being in person

is difficult

A place where you can choose

When to interact

How much you want to interact

A place where you can observe

Without being seen

Listen without having to speak

A place you can come and go as you please

Without leaving your home.

Technology isn’t life

But just like in life,

You might get lucky

And make a friend,

just like in kindergarten.

Because they were there when you looked,

and it turned out

to be 

one of the best things

that ever happened to you.