Monday, November 21, 2022

Twitterature Attempt #1

Not an endorsement of Twitter, just an attempt at 280 character flash fiction, aka Twitterature.

On and off 

She has a hidden switch,

On for the smiling, outgoing, talk and laugh personality,

Off for the cut you off at the knees with a flick of her eyes personality.

On is heaven,

Off is hell,

For you.

Here's wishing you another year of true love.

Here's hoping it really is true.

Toggle and see.



Friday, November 18, 2022

Brooklyn Bathroom design

Ah, New York.

New York City bathrooms are so fun
Toilet placement for contortionists,
Designer sink fixtures.
Thank goodness for the rattling fan
or window that actually stays in place.


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Visiting - Day one

 There might be a part two. This is from mid-day.

I feel like I've entered an alternate universe.

Sitting on a pink couch

in my daughter's third floor walk up apartment, 

Listening to a Roche's record from 1982.

Next up is "Natalie…Live" from 1978.

Looking at my daughter's stovetop

I can see remnants of what she cooks,

pasta, rice, some kind of green vegetable.

In the crisper of her refrigerator

are plastic bags of peppers,

yellow, orange, red.

That makes me smile.

I reach for a sponge and begin

to clean.



Sunday, November 13, 2022

Song - It's a Good Day for Love

One of the ways I work on song editing is to record myself playing it live. I did two takes for this one. After the first take, I made some major edits. Unfortunately I didn't resolve how to play the riff until the end of take two. Please listen to the end when I finally figured out how the riff should go.


Sunday Thoughts 11.13.2022

These were inspired by song lyrics I heard today. They could be related, or maybe not.

Sold their stuff,

drove around.

This is where they wound up,

and this is as good as it gets.





Just let me walk.


It's how I get through life.


Let me take my time.


The time I need to live my life.


My mind is getting filled.


Experiences, my journey through life.


Just let me look around.


Inside and out to find my way through this life.


Just let me feel.


Emotions get deeper with every day of life.


Can you find the statues in the dark?

Stone, marble, metal, wood,

Eyes open.

You feel them watching you

even though you don't see them.


Homes and Roots

I've had many homes,

Will probably have more before my final one.

But never stayed long enough

for the roots to grow deep 

and strong enough

To hold me there.

Oh, I have a home, a place where I go

for food, for shelter.

A place I call mine.

Who has been a refugee?

Who has fled to find peace?

Who has been a refugee?

Who has fled in a storm alone

Looking for something you couldn't get at home

Who hasn't been a refugee?

Searching for more,

Searching for peace, comfort, the promise of a future.


Flannel, Fleece, and Down

It's like summer ended overnight.

For days the fall wind has cut to the bone,

Day and night,

Signaling it's time for flannel, fleece, and down.

At night a harvest moon in the sky,

Planets and stars shining bright.

Morning brings the sun rising amidst clouds

Wind tossed leaves, brown on the ground.


Wish on stars.

Wish on pennies that land face up.

Wish when you blow the candles out.

Wish and wonder if your wishes will ever come true.


They say,

The sky's the limit

Follow your dreams

Get back up when you fall

You can make it if you try.

If only life was that easy.

If only life really worked that way.

If only wishes and cliched encouragement could make it so.




Thursday, November 3, 2022

Early Snow

Early Snow

I probably should have 

driven down the hill

before the snow started.

From my window I could see the clouds

beginning to cover the hilltops.

I could see trees bending in the wind,

and feel cold air blowing through my slightly open window.

The weather app on my phone

said it was already snowing,

which wasn't yet true.

I probably should have

driven down the hill.

Instead I stayed in my room,

sipping coffee,

reading news stories,

listening to music.

Looking out the window,s


as tiny white specks began to fall,

and dance in the air

before landing on the deck

and melting.

The specks got bigger,

snowflakes now,

painting the deck white.

It's not winter yet,

But when you live a mile high,

you know

November 3 is not too early for snow.

I probably should have driven down the hill

before the snow started,

because I know

I won't feel like driving

if the roads get icy.

And the road I'm on

won't get sanded,

which means my all weather tires

will be my only defense

against nature,

And I am a firm believer

in respecting the power

of Mother Nature.


Wednesday, November 2, 2022

It Wasn't Supposed to Rain Today

Flash Fiction

It Wasn't Supposed to Rain Today

It wasn't supposed to rain. Not today. Please not today. She was still getting over a cold. Her umbrella was in her other bag. She didn't have a jacket. She had so much to do. She just wasn't in the mood for getting wet. Why couldn't the weather forecasters get it right.

She checked the weather app on her phone. There it was. Raindrops for the next two hours. Clouds and a chance of rain for the rest of the day. Shit. She thought about going home and trying again tomorrow. But, according to her phone and her friends, it was supposed to snow tomorrow. What the fuck! It's November 1 and the weather has already turned to crap? Living a mile high isn't as glorious as it used to be. It was so much more fun when she was younger and had places she had to go, things she had to do, people she needed to take care of. So much more fun when her body didn't talk back when the temperature dropped, the wind picked up, and precipitation vacillated between rain, sleet, snow pellets and maybe snowflakes if you were lucky. All the while the wind gusted, straining tree limbs, pushing through door cracks, rattling windows. Not a good time for weak muscles and brittle bones. Not a good time, but tomorrow might be worse. So time to suck it up, get wet and cold, and get the errands done. And if it didn't snow tomorrow as predicted, she'd probably whine and then get on with her day. Just like today. Except no rain. She hoped. 


Into the Desert

A drabble (100 word flash fiction)

Into the Desert

Looking over her shoulder to be sure no one was following, she stepped into the desert. She needed solitude, space. To walk. She needed extremes. She needed challenges. This time of year it was mild during the day but at night the temperature would drop quickly. Below freezing. The wind would be relentless, never stopping, just pausing to gather energy for high gusts, which could blow her over as they kicked up sand and created blinding whiteouts. But she was ready, bandana already tied around her neck, glasses on, and a winter skullcap keeping her hair down. It was time.

A couple of Dribbles

 Dribbles are 50 word Flash Fiction.

Drop Dead

Sitting at the bar, scrolling through messages on his phone, he was oblivious to the woman to his left. Nursing an empty beer glass, she bumped his elbow, apologized, and got the no conversation vibe. He finally looked her way when she fell to the floor. Then he shouted "Mom!"


Locked In

It got cold as she neared the end of her hike. She pulled her sweatshirt hood up, tiptoed through the water near the dam, got to her car. Only two others in the parking lot. She turned on the heat and drove off. At the locked gate she stopped, crap.

Alternate ending:

Stopping at the locked gate, she screamed.


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Another song about change

 Another song looking for music, or is is a poem?

When I was a kid I wanted to be Perry Mason,

Defend the innocent, trick the guilty into confessiing.

I'm not sure why he was my hero,

Maybe because he always won.

In high school I shifted my focus,

Billie Jean and Joan became my heroes.

They showed me another world,

and another person I could become.

I just heard another song about change

"Going through some changes", the guy sang

Who isn't, I thought,

If you don't change you become complacent

And will always wonder what you could have been.

Change seems to be my middle name,

every few years the job or place.

Except for the eighteen years raising kids,

even with our ups and downs, I got restless..

Some lament that change wasn't what they wanted 

Others celebrate how they've grown

Some play the guitar and sing a song about change

I listen, wondering when it will be my turn.

I've been called a gypsy, been called a quitter,

Been called more names than I can remember.

So here's to another song about change,

About dreams chased and caught,

About hopes dashed, new opportunities rising,

About change, my lifetime constant.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

It's a good day for love

I don't know if this is a poem or a song. As of now I can feel the rhythm of a song but no clue as to what kind of melody or music. All I know is, I''m enjoying the day.

Sunny day, looking out the bakery window,

Kid with frosting on his mouth, crumbs on his shirt.

Parents hug each other,

It's a good day for love.

Jack of diamonds, Jack of diamonds

The cuckoo she's a pretty bird, She warbles as she flies

I know you rider, you're gonna miss me when you're gone.

Bluegrass band playing for tips.

Deep blue sky, bright sun, a little breeze coming from the west,

Yellow and orange leaves in trees and on the ground

Couples out walking,

It's a good day for love.

I used to deny I wanted to die

The day you said we're through

But it's wonderful now, I don't hurt anymore.

Bluegrass songs tell a truth.

It's a good day for love

even if you're single.

It's a good day for love

even if you're grieving.

It's a little reminder

of the joy of living.

It's a good day for love, today.


Perfect Storm

 I saw a headline about a politician being the embodiment of a perfect storm. I took the phrase and turned it into a romantic kind of thing. I'm toying with changing it to first person. Not sure it will flow as well. And, oh yeah, I need to come up with the music.

She's the embodiment of a perfect storm

caused by a deluge of factors.

Things could wind up very bad, or if you're lucky very good.

Depends on how the wind is blowing.

One minute you're bracing for the worst,

The next you're hoping for the best

There's gonna be a monumental outcome,

You just hope when it happens you'll be ready.

  She's so unpredictable,

  But then again she isn't

  Just like you, hoping it will work out,

  But figuring it probably won't.

Investing time and emotion,

Waiting for an explosion.

Will the sparks build into a fire

That heats you up or burns you down?

Pessimistic, been hurt every other time,

It's hard to commit, hard to hold on.

After it ends,It's hard to move on, 

It's hard when it's familiar and unknown.

  She's so unpredictable,

  But then again she isn't

  Just like you, hoping it will work out,

  But figuring it probably won't.

You hope you'll know when to end it.

Before the potential to hurt gets too big,

You hope you'll recover quickly,

No matter who pulls the plug.

  She's so unpredictable,

  But then again she isn't

  Just like you, hoping it will work out,

  But figuring it probably won't.

Trading hope for logic,

Thinking this might be it,

So you go ahead

and gamble your heart again.