Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hiking Affirmation

Written in verse, but more of an affirmation than a poem.

Why do i like to hike?
Physical exercise,
The view,
Mental release.
Sometimes it’s more about the feeling
than the beauty.
Sometimes the only way to experience the beauty
Is to get to it on foot.
Sometimes the beauty is more magnificent
when you have to work to get there.
Hiking is a release.
Hiking is a tool.
Hiking is a journey.
Hiking is a way to feed my soul.
Hiking touches my soul.
Hiking keeps me human.
Hiking reminds me that
there is more to life than
my little piece of the world.

Hiking and Silence

Want to block outside sounds.
Only want to hear what I want to hear.
Crunching of hiking boots
Random chirping
Breaths in time with footsteps.
No need for headphones,
When the only sounds to hear
Are the ones you want to hear.
And sometimes there are no sounds
At all.
You can feel your lungs suck in and push out air,
Can feel your heartbeat,
Feel before hear.
Why do we have to travel so far
To find it.
And then lose it
When someone comes down the path
And doesn’t understand
Why we are there.
Such a precious commodity.
Not readily available
And it never lasts.
A renewable source of energy.
Just need to seek it out
And hold onto it for
As long as you can.

Storm could be coming

The wind is picking up.
The flag across the street is rippling.
Last night a weatherman said a storm was coming.
It’s not here yet.
But soon.
For now, the wind is playing with everything in its path
And the clouds are blowing faster across the sky,
Hiding the blue.
A storm may be coming
But for now
The air is hot,
Skin is sticky,
Rain would feel
Really good.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

It's all about the bass

Positive writing
How do people do it?
Writing feelings and worries and inner thoughts
Rarely brings out the happy.
The purpose of venting
is to release inner tension
get rid of the venom
and get on with my life.
And then it is happy time.