Sunday, March 20, 2022

Celebrating Spring

Wearing fingerless gloves to type while listening to live music outside. It might be a little colder than I would like, but life is good.

Local bands and clouds provide the backdrop,

A white paper cup with a black plastic top

and brown sleeve,

Sits on the round red metal table,

Providing warm sustenance

on this chilly first day of spring.

The sun plays peak-a-boo with the clouds.

Pushed by the wind,

the clouds are winning.

Guitars and drums fill the cool air with a steady beat,

The vocalist sings “we all fall down”,

Someone in the crowd whoops.

Raffle tickets are sold.

Coffee, beer, and wine are sipped.

The raindrops on the sidewalk have evaporated,

Flags are flapping,

People are dancing,

The celebration has begun.




Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Dark Closet Writing Prompt

Things you can’t find when the light bulb burns out in your closet…

Ah, the things you can’t find when the light bulb burns out

in the interior closet,

shelves crammed full of stuff.

The interior closet, 

normally lit by a 60 watt bulb,

with a string hanging down from the fixture.

The closet that when the door is open

isn’t in direct line of sight to the dim hallway light,

Which sometimes randomly blinks,

What was I looking for?

I forgot when the closet went dark,

And I stepped back,

Fumbling to close the door,

Before I knocked anything off a shelf.

Writing Prompt, 3/16/2022

Prompt: As she waited in the dark, she heard the deep groan of a plane flying low overhead. Her work was done and now all she could do was wait.

[you could use these prompts together or separately.]


She waited,

In the dark,

And heard the deep groan of a plane,

Flying low overhead.

She wondered who was onboard,

Where they were going,

Was it a crop duster on the way home,

Was it a privately owned propjet,

Was it a teaching plane,

Like the ones her nephew flew,

Before he earned his license,

And was old enough to 

Rent a plane? 

The groan faded,

She looked out the window.

Stars, a sliver of the moon,

But no trace of the plane,

Continuing on its journey,

While she waited,

In the dark,

For morning to come.


Her work was done and all she could do was 

Wait and see 

if the time and energy 

She invested over the years

Would be worth it.


Monday, March 14, 2022

Moment in Time 3.14.2022

Another visit to Watson Lake. No time constraints today so I sat, wrote, played ukulele, and then decided to hike a little. Stellar day. Relaxing for the mind and body.

Today I sat 

Alone and Still

On a bench

Overlooking a green water lake

Rimmed by boulders

And trails.

Today I sat 

Alone and still

And listened

People I couldn't see, 

ducks swimming and flying 

In the water below me

birds singing above and around.

Today I sat

Alone and still

As I soaked in the warmth of the sun

The stillness of the air

Watching ducks

Watching kayaks on the water

Admiring the bright blue sky.

Just watching the rippling water

Flowing towards me

Sparkling bubbles.

Reflections of rocks 

Shimmer in the water 

Near the opposite bank.

Today is I sat

Alone and still 

On a bench

Reveling in the scene before me

Green swimming water

Giant unmoving boulders.

This is what I needed today.

This is what I need.

This is what makes life worth living.

This is life.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

March snow

Thoughts on watching a storm blow in and out. 


The rain turned to sleet and then snow

Coating the balcony railing.

A wet half inch of white

That probably won’t grow

No more flakes falling.

The coating might last until morning

If the sun remains hidden,

And there is enough humidity in the air.

The sun is scheduled to set soon.

Humidity is doubtful here.

Dryness creeps in

As soon as it can.

And stays long enough

To keep the word drought 

In the headlines.

The northeast is once again bracing

For a major storm

While I enjoy 

Looking at the coating of snow,

A white sky

Backlit to highlight the outline of clouds.

And the promise of

Sun and warmer weather


I lament my dry skin

And limp hair,

As I hear the heat kick on,

Blowing dry air from above me,

And I wonder, 

“Do heater humidifiers ever help?”

I miss moisture,

I miss wet snow that stays for days,

I miss winter that lasts until spring.

So I look out the window

And enjoy the thin coating of snow

While it lasts.


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Prompt: Love story w/out happy ending

Today's writing prompt: Write a love story that does not really have a happy ending.

Write a love story that doesn’t have a happy ending.

Um, I think I’m living it.

But as the song says,

“I can’t make you love me if you won’t”.

I hear Bonnie Raitt’s voice in my head,

And remember seeing her when I was in high school

She was performing with a trio.

We broke the speed limit 

On the Mass Turnpike

To get home before midnight.

Good times.

The music,

No filters, no frills, 



Song interpretations




Acoustic and



I fell in love

With the music.

There is no ending,


This love story will end, 

When the party is over,

Celebrating my life ,

With music.

And that isn’t a sad ending.

It might not be happy either.

Perhaps the better word is



Friday, March 4, 2022

How's it going?

Reflecting on life, in the moment. Whew! Time to slow down and savor the beginning of the chapter.

“How is it going?” you might be wondering.

I think it’s going well.

I’m still stunned at how fast everything happened

And how it actually worked out

Exactly as envisioned.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop,

While hoping there is no other shoe,

And my life really is working out this well.

Two months ago, 

I had no idea I’d be living

A mile high,

In a new city,

Renting a room instead of owning a house.

Retired with a view.

Planning mother-daughter visits,

Planning trips to music festivals,

Routing my journey to national parks and hiking trails.

Who would have thought

When I moved to an area and a job

I knew weren’t a good fit for me,

That I would so quickly figure out where I wanted to be,

and my stay  would be so short.

I thought it would be two years and out.

Instead it was eight months.

From the time I made the decision, it was five weeks.

So quick.

So worth the moments of stress.

So right.