Sunday, September 26, 2021

Deep Thoughts at the Coffee Shop

Deep Thoughts at the Coffee Shop haha

Why do flies exist? 

What useful purpose do they serve? 

And mosquitoes, what about them?

It seems like their role in nature is to annoy mammals

and infect them with germs,

Does that mean they’re predators?

Work in Progress 9.26.2021

 Work in progress. It feels good to sit in a coffee shop (except for the people hovering close to my table while they wait for their food).

Where did September go?

It was summer when I went to bed

I woke up to fall.

The calendar reminds me 

It’s the anniversary of my birth,

Add another year to the count.

Feels kind of like the day before.

Except for the cards,

And personal birthday goals,

Just another day in the paradise 

I call my life.

Living my dreams

Following can I’s with I cans

Climb slow and steady, enjoying the burn.

Feel the rush of going down,

Marvel at how high I can go.

Savorr the flats,

Soak in the scenery, 

the abundance of life around me,

Light shifting the shadows..

Stretching, recovering, replenishing, repositioning.

Marking the miles,

Making memories

to count later.

When memories are all I can handle.