Sunday, August 25, 2019

Recycling the Rut

Reflecting on my previous post
Back in my cycle. 
My well-worn, comfortable rut. 
Wallowing in my wants, 
Looking for the answer that will satisfy my needs. 
Rehashing, Restating, Reliving. 
Old news.
And easy to do,
Instead of redirecting., reaching, and redeeming 
Maybe that will come next.

Will I Ever

Raw, unfiltered, unedited. Getting close to another landmark birthday and I seem to be reflecting more than usual. Dark. Negative. Not so confident. Not so secure. Just thinking, maybe a little too much and a little too deeply and a little too sad. Which, of course, gets my creativity going.

Will I ever meet a man
  who wants to hold me,
  maybe even kiss me,
  more than once.
  Maybe even fall in love with me.
Will I ever meet a man
  who I want to be with
  for the rest of my life,
  or at least several times a week
  for as many weeks as possible,
Will I ever meet a man
  and not feel awkward,
  and not feel socially inept or inadequate,
  and not feel like the chance that he wants to be involved with me
  is slim to none.
Will I ever meet a man
  Who I really hope will call me
    and he does.
  Who I really want to hang out with
    and we do.
  Who feels like my soul mate

   and he is.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Forever Treasure

That moment
when the stars align
for you
and your kids
at the same time.
And you wish
you could bottle it
and savor it

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Becoming my mother, part one

Becoming my mother
was not on my list
of things to do
with my life.
And yet,
here I am.