Thursday, January 18, 2024

Two poems about running into the new year

From writing prompts come poems. Thankful for online writing communities and workshops.

I am running into the new year
        running into a new lifestyle
I feel like I'm looking ahead
  and the road is clear
But I also feel like
  there are so many unknowns,
I might need to slow down
  so I don't spin out,
I don't want to crash.

I am running
                   to a new place
staying a while to see and do 
as much as I can
before I jump to a new place
and repeat the process.

I wonder
     Am I running to explore
     Or running to escape?
I like where I am now
  the city
  my room in a house     on a hill    with sunrise and sunset views from my room. 
  hiking nearby.
  opportunities to listen to music
  opportunities to play music.
It felt like home from day one
  and then it didn't.
There was a shift     in my universe?     In the vibe of the house?    
  or just my internal clock ticking      the alarm telling me it's time to move on.
I'm a year and a half from seventy
As much as I say age is just a number
I know that
  no matter how healthy I feel now,
I can no longer plan my life in 4-5 year intervals.
It's time to do what I said I wanted to do when I retired,
  get rid of things I don't need    
  store what I want to keep      
No permanent home     take only what fits in my car     hIt the road.          
Oh, I've traveled a lot already,
  weekend trips      week long trips     two to five week trips
But I always went home.
Now it's time to try it a different way.
a month or so here,
a month or so there,
long enough to feel like a part of the community
to join hiking and music groups
to make connections
maybe even make friends I can keep.

I am running into the new year
I feel energized      rather than out of breath.
It feels right,
     taxing and relaxing     like a long run should.
I am running
I am running
I am running
                     because I want to
I am running
                     because I can.
I am thankful
                     that I can run.

I am running 
     to things that I want to see and do
I am running from
     being tied down,
     feeling the need to meet other people's expectation,
I am running from 
     responsibilities and commitments      that feel like obligations
It's not that I don't like being there for someone,
But if I want to      see new places     try new things
I need to run       
                     from what holds me back,
                     thoughts and people who hold me down.
I need to run to me
I need     

I am running into
      the new year
I am running into
      a new chapter.