Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why Me? 7.5.17

Why me
Or maybe I should say My Way,
But that would be too Sinatra-ish.
Is that even a word?
Does it matter?
Back to me.
If only life were so simple that
A few verses of rhyme could cover it.
But my life never seems simple enough.
Just when I feel like a good pattern is developing
Something blows me out of the water
And sometimes it’s hard
To jump back in
And sometimes it just doesn’t feel the same when I get back
To the business of being me,
Whatever that means.

Why me lord.
Good line except I’m not sure I believe in God.
I believe in something.
I’m just not sure what it is exactly,

Why me?
Why you?
Why anyone?

Shit happens to all of us.
It just feels different depending on who you are
And how you are able to deal with it.
Sometimes I ignore crap.
Sometimes I wallow in it.
Sometimes I walk through it or around it
And get the hell out of there.

Why me?
Why any of us.
Why not.