Friday, August 25, 2017

Crazy Snippets

Tonight's writing prompt which seems grammatically incorrect, "I forgot her on accident."

Am I crazy?
Aren’t we all?
To some extent, probably.
What’s normal anyway?

I forgot her by accident
But maybe it was on purpose
My memory is kind of foggy
And I’m not sure it matters anyway.

Writing prompts
are a trigger to get started
Or you could say
Writing (noun)
prompts (action verb)

Maybe I am a bit crazy,
full of cracks as flaws,
Or maybe the kind of crazy
that lacks
thought or reason.
Or crazy
as in

I don’t see any of those as a flaw.
They all sound human to me.
So if you want to call me crazy,
Thank you.

And maybe I forgot her by accident
or on purpose,
And we are both too crazy
or normal
to care.