Sunday, August 6, 2017

Please shut the ...

I went all over the place in this one. I wanted it to be light, but my dark side crept in.

Please shut the world down for just one day.
To give us all time to breathe and maybe put our differences away
For one day.

Please shut the negative off,
Don’t say anything mean
No judging, no criticizing, no putting down, no hurting.

Please shut this relationship off
For good.

Please shut the door on your way out,
And I don’t care if it hits you or not.

Please shut your mouth and listen.
And then use your words

Please shut your mind off and relax.
Truly take some time off
To do absolutely nothing for a few hours
Or a day.
Or a week if you can.

Please shut the phone and laptop and tv and tablet off.
Give your eyes and brain a rest.
It will be good for your head
And your soul.

I would ask you to please shut your mind, but you’ve already done that.
Oops, I let a negative one jump in.
Please shut the non-listening, you’ve got your mind made up already, part of your brain off.
Please shut the don’t want to hear your point of view down.
Please shut the I know better than you down.
Please shut the I told you so’s off and turn the I know you can do it’s on.
Please shut the lights off, take a deep breath, and remember
We are all in this together.
Whether you listen to me or not,
Whether you shut me out or not.

Please shut the happy in and the sad out
Please shut the good in and the bad out.
Please shut the negative out and the positive in.
Please shut the lights off and go to bed.
Tomorrow is another day.