Friday, September 29, 2017

Day of Atonement

Day of atonement
Day of reflection.
Jewish holidays start at sundown.
My fast started late because I didn’t eat enough during the day
And went for a run after work.
By the time I finished dinner it was two hours past sundown.
So my fast will end tomorrow
At 9:15 pm.
It may be tough
To fast
For 24 hours
Since I scheduled a few work things
Not knowing at the time
That it was Yom Kippur,
Holiest day of the Jewish year,
And it wasn’t on my online calendar
So I scheduled things
And by the time I found out
It was too late to cancel.
Well, it’s never too late
But it wouldn’t have been right.
So I will honor my commitments.
Fast for 24 hours,
And make time for solitude
On Sunday.
The point shouldn’t be when I honor the holiday,
It should be how.
At least that is how I look at it.
And since I only need to answer to myself,
A day late is better than not at all,
So that is what I will do.
And there will be no guilt.
No lamenting the scheduling error.
No, no, no negative.
Reflecting is a positive thing
Even when some of the reflections
Seem negative.
Because reflecting helps me
Learn from my mistakes
And move forward.
Ask for forgiveness?
Look inward,
Be introspective,
Be aware,
Seek forgiveness from God
Or from those I have hurt?
Sometimes it is better
To not raise the issue a second time
Sometimes it is better
To learn from the mistake
And not make someone relive it.
Day of atonement
Day of reflection
Day of introspection
A day for being religious
In my own way.
A spiritual quest to my soul.