Monday, October 16, 2017


Written on Sunday 10/15/17, after overhearing a college student make a comment to her friend who graduated last year and is working in Nashville. 

The adult world seems so dull.
Not really.
It can be fascinating
when you’re not being overwhelmed by so-called responsibilities.

There’s the head above water phase,
the expected of me phase,
working for a living,
Providing for others,
Losing track of
the reasons why life is meant
to be lived.

And there is the fun phase later in life,
Playing catch up.
It’s an interesting place
Trying to catch up on all the living
that didn’t get done
while consumed by fulfilling needs,
being responsible,
living the dream,
then missing having a dream
doing for the good of all,
of everyone,
except me.

It wasn’t intentional,
it just happened.
Intense then
and intense now.
It is fun and scary
this phase of living for me.
I care about others close to me,
but am working on being more selfish
than selfless,
daring to dream
daring to chase my dreams.
Chasing dreams
and whether or not I catch them is irrelevant.
It’s the journey,
daring to make the journey,
that matters.

The world isn’t dull
for me
any more.