Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Forgive me?

Yom Kippur reprise?

I’m not sure I like the phrase
forgive me.
It sound like groveling,
knees on the ground
arms up,
It sounds theatrical and dramatic,
two things I am not.
Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement
a time for reflecting
on how I may have wronged others
and seeking forgiveness
from God,
or from those I have wronged.

It’s a difficult thing,
to go back over the past twelve months
and try to remember
mistakes I made
insults I said
things I did that might have hurt someone.
Twelve months is a long time.
Especially this time around.
This time last year I was living in Colorado,
My work life was getting stressful
and I was getting itchy feet.
I was in limbo,
working my ass off
while wondering if the interview I had just done
would turn out to be anything.
And, if it did,
would I have the guts to go.

So reflecting on wrongs I inflicted on others
is not exactly the highlight of
the past year.
And I will not apologize to anyone for
putting myself first
and doing what I needed to do.