Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Time to Write

Time to write
The clock begins to tick,
So to speak,
My watch is digital and doesn’t show seconds.
It does show that I walked over 12,000 steps today
And translates that to miles
And calories burned,
None of which I believe are totally accurate.
I hope the number of steps is correct
And ignore the rest.
It’s like white noise.
I know it’s there
And I don’t care.

I take a deep breath
And try not to stress
About a few major projects
I need to focus on
About the novel I am going to write
In 30 days,
Beginning tomorrow.
About the fact that I don’t have a plot
Or characters
Or setting,
Or storyboard.
All I have is my laptop
And an internal commitment
To try this.

It’s almost time to write,
So i should get some sleep.
Tomorrow it begins,
A journey into the unknown
One word at a time.
Time to create
Time to write
Time to achieve
A goal.

It’s just one month of writing,
In a year of writing.
All that’s different
Is the focus
And format
And purpose.

It’s time.