Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Whose dreams get to come true

I'm not sure where i planned to go when I started this one. I think my thoughts are still being led by current events and a growing sense of futility, or maybe apathy, or numbness.  And a small sense of hopefulness, that this too shall pass and we will emerge stronger.

Dreams and fantasies,
We all have them.
Some of us get to live them.
Some of us don’t.
Is it courage
or luck
or a little of both?

Do we all have wings?
(figurative, not literal)?
Do we all get a chance
to soar?
How many of us crash
and choose to not fly again?
Because, yes,
we all crash and burn,
at some point.

Many lives
end too early.
Physically alive,
and no hope of growing.
Many lives never get the chance
to take off.
Many lives,
Full of
Different routes,
Straight paths,
Tangled webs.
No matter where people go in their lives,
they all end up in the same place
At some point.
Everything is up in the air
except the inevitable end.