Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Angry Words

Work in progress but I couldn't hold it in any longer.

Angry words.

So much hurt
in the world.
So much pain
so much anger
invading homes
places of worship,
everywhere we go,
everywhere we look,
Hurt permeates our thoughts,
drowns out rationality,
punches through our defenses.

We let loose with angry words.

Yes, many of us are angry
and have stayed silent for too long.
The pot boiled
and boiled
and we waited
and waited
for it to cool.
But it grew hotter
and hotter,
a volcano of hurt
and now it is overflowing
with red hot flames
and the ashes of our stories
are raining down
on anyone who is looking.

Sad stories
Angry words.

Rather than sinking in
years of hurt and pain,
We are beating our way to the top
and crawling, walking, running, jumping,
Angry words
can enable us
to soar.