Sunday, December 17, 2017

Can't Please Everybody

Not sure where this came from. Not sure where I wanted it to go.

Can’t please everybody

In everyone’s life a little rain must fall.
Can’t grow without it.
Everyone and everything needs water to survive.
It’s the constant clouds that
Can get to you.
Sometimes I feel like
The clouds follow me,
Dropping rain on my parade,
So to speak.
Scaring me off with lightning.
Too many cliches?
Too little subatnce?
It rains,
It sometimes pours
Rain can help things grow
Rain can cause a flood.

Sometimes I say the right thing
Sometimes I don’t.
And once the words are out there
Can’t take them back.

Apologies are words.
And sometimes they’re enough.

Can’t please everybody
And life is too short to try.

Does that mean I’m bitter?
I just prefer sometimes prefer reality.
If all you do is try to please other people,
Who is pleasing you?