Sunday, December 3, 2017

NaNo Poem: Procrastinstion


Procrastination is not considered to be
a good thing.
for me, it is an art.
It is how I create.
I need to let my thoughts
     in my brain,
and come out
fully brewed,
I let my thoughts decide
when they are ready
to come out.
It seems that my thoughts know
how long they need
and when my deadlines are.
They just cut it a little too close for comfort
Like that one thing you are cooking
that just needs a little more time,
right when you need to be heading out the door,
But you wait
Because you really want it
and you know
it will be worth waiting for.

So, I plan my projects,
Knowing full well.
That when my thoughts are ready,
They will be served.
And until then,
I just stir the pot,
Add some seasoning,
And wait.