Sunday, January 14, 2018

Goal Achieved

Thinking about taking the night off from writing
and then I remind myself
that I set a goal
to write one poem or song
every day
for a year.
And I wonder,
why do I do things like that?
And why does I feel like
I will be cheating
if I skip a day?
Am I writing because I like it
or because I have to?
Do I want to cross that line,
where my passion
becomes work
and the fun gets sucked out of it?
Why am I stressing over
a personal goal
that doesn't affect anyone except me
and no one will know if I don't meet it?
Because I will know
and how hard is it really
to sit and write a few thoughts
in verse
instead of watching tv or reading
or doing all of those things
I seem to find
when I don't want to do
what I'm supposed to do?
Procrastination and avoidance
are two of my strongest qualities.
And, yet,
I am meeting my goal
despite my best efforts
to derail myself.
Goal reached.
Procrastination and avoidance lose