Monday, January 1, 2018

Fact vs. Reality

Today's musings triggered by watching too much news on tv. 

You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.
Not true.
You should speak the truth.
And what about the living?
They say the truth will set you free.
But at what price?
Good question.
What is the price for speaking truth?
What is the price for lying
or, as some call it,
distorting the truth.
Is it fact or reality?
Then it is truth.
The problem is
In today’s world
It’s hard to know what is
And what is

If indeed,
the definition of truth is reality,
Then we have a problem.
Because reality is
In the eye of the beholder.
So the question becomes,
Does reality set you free?
And at what cost
if reality differs based upon
And circumstance.

My truth
may not be the same
as your truth.
And that is the crux of the today’s problems.

The reality,
The truth
We each have our own truths.
And it is our individual truths
that shape what we will fight for.
and how we will fight
for what we believe
Is right.

Reality can be a scary
and dangerous
And that is the truth,
For me,
at least.