Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Waiting for the Storm

Waiting for the storm.
The temperature drop
And maybe rain.
Waiting to see if the
forecasters got it right,
Or if we miss the bad stuff
and it hits somewhere else,
Which would be great for us
and bad for them.
Or maybe it will be worse
than predicted,
Which would be a mess
and a total pain
in every way.
Just waiting for the storm.
The temperature is projected to drop
30 degrees
in less than twenty-four hours.
Waiting to see what path the winds
and moisture will go
Wondering about the roads,
whether or not my car
will hold up
if I have to drive anywhere.
Wondering if ignoring the warnings
is wiser
than worrying
Waiting for the storm,
It’s not like we can change the weather.