Saturday, January 20, 2018

Women’s Movement Redux, 2018

It’s time.
Day one of year two.
Hoping for a resurrection
Hoping for a new beginning
Hoping to build on momentum
And work on a future filled with new voices.
Marching, speaking, listening,
Writing, reading, listening.
Acting up,
Acting proud.
Standing up.
Standing proud.
Speaking up,
And being heard.
Working on building a future
Free of the hatred
That provoked a strong and much needed response.
Hate infused rhetoric and actions
are causing a revolution.
A revolution of words, actions, and hope.
Pink hats,
Pussy jokes,
Caustic signs.
can’t change things.
Speaking, Listening, Stepping up, and Voting
Are what matter.
But, oh the joy of seeing
all those pink pussy hats,
and colorful crowds,
A sea of change is on the horizon.
Time to bring it home.