Friday, February 9, 2018

Variations on a theme

a quiet evening at home
is more important than
putting myself out there
making an effort to socialize
expending energy to meet people
on the hope that I will
meet the one
or anyone.
it is easier
and more enjoyable
to save my energy
for myself.

Solitude isn't loneliness.
it's something everyone needs
access to.
It's a time to regroup
and have no obligation to anyone
except yourself.

Sometimes It's possible
to feel alone
in a crowd,
to feel lonely
in a room full of family,
to feel alone
in a relationship.

Feeling lonely and trapped
isn't solitude.
It's hell.

A slightly more upbeat version on the same theme.

Quiet evening at home
in my sweats
a bowl of popcorn
a comforter
a book
and access to Netflix.
Alone and happy.
Satisfied with life
and enjoying the solitude.
I can interact with people
if I have to.

And another take.

Alone at last.
No people
no commitments
no conversation
no mood to decipher
no need to respond to someone else's needs
no need to prioritize based on someone else
no drama.
Just space
and time
to fill
as much or as little as I want to.
Alone at last,
free at last.
Time for me.