Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Back Room Rockers

This one is a work in progress. Just started it tonight and it needs some editing. Just a fun poem (maybe a song) about the Memphis Ukulele FlashMob back of the room regulars.

Music night at the
Barbecue joint.
Got the Back room rockers
Singing, playing, and dancing.
Their hearts out.

Back of the room
Shout it out
Sing it out
Shake it out.
Strum it out.

Back room rockers
Doing their thing
Back room rockers
Got their own form of swing.
Shuffle steps,
Shaking hips,
Bend the back
And raise that uke,
Raise that what?
Got a fun four string to play
While doing all that singing, stepping, dancing, and shaking.

Back room rockers
Got their own style
Back room rockers
Got their own form of wild.
Back of the room
singing, playing and dancing
Their hearts out.
What’s age got to do with