Friday, March 9, 2018

Another Upbeat Poem, maybe

I just wanted to write another upbeat poem. Somehow it morphed into this. Not sad but deeper than I planned to go.

Trying to keep it light.
Despite the comfort
of sinking into the comfort
offered by self absorption.
Trying to be mindful
of the feel and sound
of the keys as I tap letters.
My sock catching on a toenail as I cross my legs.
My rolled up right sleeve
falling onto my wrist.

Trying to see if I can write happy
instead of sad.
Global or generic
instead of self.

Trying to put on paper,
in verse,
the satisfaction I feel at work,
the solitude of home,
the comradely of going out,
the closeness of family even though they live far away.
Happy thoughts.
Light, not dark or deep.
Scratch the surface
rather than digging.
Trying to keep my hands clean,
And my mood light.
Trying to avoid going into the
black hole
and wallowing in
the self pity
that is always waiting for me.
For now,
It is not going to lure me
and claim me
For now,
I am staying in the light.