Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Take the Night Off

Take the night off.
I know people mean well when they say it,
but my mind doesn’t always want to turn off
just because I’m home
and the sun has set.
Most days it seems like
that is the signal for my brain
to go into overdrive.
So, if taking the night off means
not going to work,
Sure I‘ll take it off.
But if it means shutting down my head,
I’d rather leave that decision
up to my thoughts
and take the night off
once my conscience is done
with it’s evening ritual
of reflecting on the day
and how to survive tomorrow,
Then I’ll call it quits on thinking
And relax with a book, or the tv, or my laptop.

Take the night off.
I can do that,
when my brain is ready.
Yeah, people mean well,
They worry about me,
Think I can be too ntense.
I get that.
Which is why I don’t sit still
for too long.
So I think I’ll just write a little more
And see where this night takes me.
Let the night take me on a ride,
Rather than me driving.