Friday, May 4, 2018

Apology accepted, now move on

Some people apologize to much over something really minor and it can be a little annoying. Well, maybe more than a little, depending on circumstances. 

Don’t beat yourself up on my account.
If you really feel a need
to beg forgiveness,
and grovel,
You might need to find
a different target.
I don’t need you to feel sorry
about possibly inconveniencing me.
I told you it was okay.
I wouldn’t have said that
if I didn’t mean it.
I know you mean well,
But I would rather that
you move on
and not make me feel badly
about you making a minor mistake.
I don’t need you
to tell me over and over
in great detail
how sorry you are.
All I want to do is move on.
It really is okay.
If it isn’t okay for you,
then that is your issue
and your business.
So,please leave me out of it.
In other words
Stop apologizing to me
And move on.
Because if you don’t,
then you really will have something major
to feel sorry about.