Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mother’s Day weekend musings

My Mother’s Day weekend musings. Lest I offend anyone, this is my opinion and my view. I don’t begrudge anyone who cherishes celebrating mothers on Mother’s Day or fathers on Father’s Day. I’m thankful that we can each find reasons to celebrate and people to love.

For Jamie and Becky. I love you.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.
Not my favorite holiday.
I’m not saying that every day should be mother’s day,
But I would appreciate it if my children
would love and respect me,
Every day, or nearly every day.
Having a holiday
so children can declare their love
with gifts and food,
And by spending money,
Seems more like Corporate holiday marketing
than a holiday meant to honor
It’s kind of like
St. Patricks Day,
But instead of drinking massive amounts of alcohol.
We imbibe in chocolate and brunch,
and give bouquets of flowers that will die within a week.
Celebrate my birthday,
I’ll celebrate yours.
Celebrate my successes,
help me through my failures,
Stay with me during my keep my head above water times.
And I will do the same for you.
Celebrate me giving you life,
by living with the values and integrity
you know I want you to have
and that I have tried to display.
Gift me because something catches your eye
and you want me to have it
Pamper me because you want to
and not because society says this is the day to do it.
Live, love, laugh, cry.
Run, walk, crawl, jump, dance.
Fall down, get back up.
Make mistakes, learn from them,
And be yourself
no matter what anyone else tells you.
If it feels right,
It is the right thing to do.
Just don’t break any laws in the process.