Saturday, February 2, 2019

I think she’s gone

“I think she’s gone.”
One minute I was touching her hand
The next I stepped away for the hospice nurse
to check vitals.
One breath
and she was gone.

Sitting here,
for the medical examiner
to verify and note time of death.
And then the funeral home will
take her away.
Next step is the freezer
And then a box.
And that is why I can’t stop looking at her
Before they clean and process
Dress her up
And put her on display.
And then close the box
And bury it.
We'll murmur prayers, Some of us will talk about her life, We'll laugh, cry, smile. and hug. We’ll all take the shovel and drop sand on her casket. Tradition.

Long life, Full life. Four kids, that's a lot of spirit left behind,
For fulfilling dreams
And continuing to fill vicarious needs
Of a mother’s heart.