Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sad but strong

I think this needs more editing.

Today I got a message,
Four words on my screen,
""I'm feeling really sad "
Which scared me.
I saw the message an hour after it was sent.
and replied with two words,
"Call me."
I sat and waited.
"I can't. I'm at work."
So i worried,
felt guilty about not calling sooner,
And worried.
Went on with my life for a few hours,
and then worried some more.
Because that's all I could think to do.
And then I realized that worrying was more about me
than the person who was sad.
Once I stopped worrying
I started to think about the strength
it takes
to tell someone 
the truth about how you feel,
when that feeling isn’t what people want to hear.
The courage it takes
to reach out,
to expose yourself when you're feeling vulnerable.
To let someone in.
To ask for comfort, help, validation, anything.
To ask someone to listen
The strength it takes
to expose a raw nerve
not knowing for sure
what will happen.
“I feel really sad”
“Call me so I can tell you you’re strong.”