Saturday, November 30, 2019

Festival of Lights

Edited a little. Probably needs more work.

Festival of Lights
Holiday season.
Houses with bright lights,
Stores playing Christmas music.
'Tis the season to be jolly
and smile when asked if the holiday shopping is done.
Smile when someone wishes you Merry Christmas.
It’s the time of year
when it takes a thick skin
to remember 
that the Christmas assumptions aren’t personal.
Just accept the good cheer
And celebrate what you want to however you choose.
The symbolism of lights
The tradition of oil and candles, 
Are not the providence of one religion.
The festival of lights
Hindu November,
the triumph of light over darkness 
and good over evil. 
Hebrew month of Kislev
Celebrating the miracle triumphs over oppression and oil.
Kwanzaa December,
African American celebration of life,
Seven candles, seven principles.
No matter the religion or beliefs,
Festivals. Lights. Symbols. 
Brightening the night.
Miracles. Renewal. Gifts.
Spiritual rituals.
Making memories.
The goal is to end the year with hope.
And love.