Saturday, November 23, 2019

I'm Writing a Book

I’m Writing a Book
When an eleven year-old tells you 
"I’m writing a book"
and means it,
It makes what I’m doing seem trivial.
I write thoughts that pop into my head.
I steal other people’s words that I overhear
and turn them into verse.
I search for a genre to write in, 
a project I can finish.
She already has her niche.
and is working toward an end goal.

Eleven years old and looking for a writing workshop.
So she can learn to be a better writer
and how to publish her book.
She writes fantasy
and is proud of it.
Her mom is proud of her.
Her sister smiles and says she could make a book.
I look at my 49 pages and counting
and think I write garbage.
Eleven years old
and confident enough to call herself a writer.
And she is.
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