Friday, November 15, 2019

That girl can sing

For Dana, who sang with me the other day. I wish I could listen to her every day. 
Unfortunately, our paths aren't likely to cross again, so I decided to write about her to help 
keep her voice in my head.

That girl can sing!
She's got a sweet soprano.
Whether she's singing lead 
or harmony,
her voice blends with the music
and carries you into her world.
Close your eyes and listen,
You will feel her voice in your heart.
And when she goes down to alto
she will shake you
to the bone,
without hitting you with volume.
That is how music should be.
Without pretense or glamour
she owns the song.
And you get to go along 
for the ride.

Another poem for Dana.
Homeless once upon a time

She was homeless once.
lived out of her car.
You wouldn’t know it 
Unless she tells you,
Once you do know it,
you realize that
her memories guide her
as she works to strengthen everyone around her,
and help those who are down.
Strong women with soul
can do amazing things.
Turn their life around,
Pull others up.
And never give up on anyone.

Sing it, girl.
You’ve lived it,
And now you bring it on home.