Sunday, January 5, 2020


He said he feels like he’s invisible to women.
Not true.
He is far from invisible.
People notice him and choose to not take him seriously.
Perhaps that’s the price you pay
for being louder than the norm,
Not caring if what you say is what people want to hear,
dancing without a care,
and being passionate about your beliefs and causes. 
He said he feels like women don’t see who he really is.
He knows he’s loud, and not everyone agrees with what he says,
But that is who he is,
Just someone trying to make a difference
and wondering why not everyone cares.
If you look closely you can see the hurt behind the smile.

Invisible is when you walk in a room and no one seems to notice.
Invisible is when you go to a restaurant and get waited on after all the couples and larger parties.
Invisible is when you raise your hand in school or at a meeting and don’t get called on. 
So you speak up anyway even though you know it’s rude,
And for a minute you’re not unseen,
You’re just the loud person who feels a need to interrupt,
You feel the judgement and sink back into the comfort of invisibility. 

Invisible is that feeling that if you weren’t there, there would be no impact whatsoever.
Invisible is that feeling that even when people seem to be listening to you,
they aren’t.
Invisible is feeling like you’ve disappeared from everyone else’s reality,
But you still have to show up because your job and bills are real.
Invisible is okay when you want it and painful when you don’t.
Invisible is not always a choice you make, many times it’s a choice others make
and you spend your time trying to figure out why.
Wondering what you could do or say differently,
Whether it’s how you’re dressed, how you look, how you walk.

A place some people live in and can’t find the door to get out.
A place some people retreat to when life is too much.
A place no one should be in forever.