Saturday, May 9, 2020

Hi Mom

Hi mom,

It’s me, your daughter.

It’s almost Mother’s Day and I wanted

to check in with you,

see how you’re doing.

Are you okay?

What’s your new place like?

Is it your style?

Are you comfortable?

Do you have a view,

Do you get to smell the flowers,

Listen to rock and roll,

Dance to the beat?

Do you still follow the news?

Do you have anyone to talk to?

Are you finally allowing yourself to relax?

There are some wacky things going on in the world.

I can only imagine what you would think if you were here.

I hate to tell you this, but Little Richard recently died.

It’s like an era is ending.

You don’t need to worry about us though.

We’re all okay.

We’re healthy and doing well.

We call each other quite often now,

just to talk.

I try to call Dad every day but sometimes I don’t remember until too late.

I know, I need to try harder.

Anyway, Mom,

No need to worry,

That’s my job now.

Relax and know

you did well.

I wish I had told you that before,

but sometimes the right words come too late.

And you know I was never good at saying what you needed to hear.

I hope you know at least I was thinking it.

It’s May and the sun is shining.

Happy Mother’s Day

We miss you.

I miss you.

Love, Susan.