Sunday, June 21, 2020

Hey Dad, Happy Father's Day

Hey dad, It’s Father’s Day so I just wanted to tell you,

I really do listen and take to heart the advice you give me,

Every time i ask, and even when I don’t.

I just need to see if my way will work,

Even though I know you’re almost always right.

I was thinking the other day about when you taught me to read.

I was a little behind.

You huffed and you puffed and the roof didn’t fall down,

And now I have a job where I am surrounded by books. 

When I needed a tennis partner, you helped me practice, a cigar in your hand.

I learned placement by not making you run.

Then there’s the trip to the hospital to X-ray my finger you thought for sure was broken.

It wasn’t.

You laughed on the way there, three sons, one daughter and who was the one with the basketball injury.

You liked Bing, Mom liked Frank,

Something I just found out.

All those years I didn’t know,

You like your music soft, slow, and sweet.

You’ve changed and adapted as the world changed around you.

“That’s the way way they do it these days, I guess.”

iPads, politics, health, mobility.

Calm and strong, upbeat in the midst of turmoil.

Now we can almost look eye to eye.

I worry that you don’t eat enough or get enough exercise.

You don’t let on that you worry about me, but I know you do.

You still do the research and give me advice.

Love is a word that isn’t easy for you to say.

We’re similar that way.

We feel deeply but nurturing words don’t come naturally..

You analyze, support, and are always there,

A rock.

That has weathered many storms.

And that’s just one of the things I love about you.