Monday, June 8, 2020

Just Breathe

Just breathe, they say

And it will be okay.

But I know better.

Breathing won’t make things okay.

Just because I’m breathing doesn’t mean

The problem is gone.

It’s still there.

And what about all those times,

I’m not allowed to breathe slow and steady,

Because someone is pushing or pulling

Or holding me down.

I can’t “just breathe” when I’m gulping for air to survive.

How about you work on you

And I work on me

How about you stop telling me how you would do things

And maybe offer to help instead..

How about you I tell you to “just breathe:

And you see how not okay it is

When someone chokes your throat

Or chases you down

Or treats you worse than they treat an animal.

Just breathe

And remember

I am a person too.

Inhaling, exhaling


Just like you.