Sunday, July 5, 2020


They’re gonna keep on pushing, pushing

Poke the sore spots.

Keep on poking, poking, poking

And they won’t stop.

You’ve got to let off steam now and then

They want to push you until you blow your top.

Let it out when it won’t hurt anyone.

Keep the lid in your control.

Anybody can poke

Anyone can blow

Some people like to stir the post

To see what kind of damage they can do.

They stir and poke and prod

Until the lid pops

Then they blame you for blowing

Even though they’re the ones who refused to stop.

For every kid who throws a tantrum or food

Every spouse who demanded to be fed

Everyone who ever complained because

Things didn’t go their way.

For every one who tweets and shouts

And acts like their word is superior

You’re not the only one here

Stop your poking, pushing, whining,

and just grow up.