Tuesday, September 1, 2020


The prompt for tomorrow's ukulele challenge is a song about home. Seemed like a good prompt for writing.



I’ve lived in a few,

Some were just a place to eat and sleep,

Others were a refuge from the outside world

The only place where I could let my guard down

Play piano, sing, write, read,

Sometimes cry.

Everyone needs shelter.

A house isn’t necessarily a home

Apartment, trailer, a rented room,

Home is where the heart is

According to Pliny the Elder,

A Roman philosopher,

Who died in AD 79 while attempting to rescue a friend and his family

From the lava of Vesuviius,

They say it was probably the wind.

Bring it on home

Sam sang it,

Sonny Boy played it

Led Zeppelin had their own song.

Richard and Linda sang that

A heart needs a home.

And Karla said home sang to her of sweet things.

I sit,

Thinking about home

And not sure where to go.