Saturday, September 5, 2020

Home - 2

 Not sure if this is a poem or a song.

Cracks in the ceiling, stains on the floor

There are probably remnants of lead in the layers of paint on the wall

But I like it more than my 80’s house

That never felt like home.

Have a courtyard instead of a lawn

Elevator and stairs, a garbage chute in the hall

But I love the old building with mysterious creaks

And the hidden stories surrounding me

Can watch the sunset while I eat

Hear traffic and sirens and sometimes my neighbors

But I feel safer and more secure

Than in a two story house alone.

Home is a feeling you get

When you walk through the door

A place of comfort with your things on the walls

Home is where you want to return

After work or a long trip

Home is where you want to sit and watch the rain.