Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday Musings

 Sunday, lazy Sunday. Not really. I walked 7 1/2 miles before getting a cup of coffee and sitting in a publi c space to people watch and overhear random conversations.

Listening to chatter, breaking into the music soundtrack

Public spaces provide opportunities

To feel like normal,

But it isn’t.

At least, it isn’t what normal used to be.

What was normal?

Hugging friends and sometimes a coworker when they were having a rough time.

Jostling in crowds

Not feeling guilty when you lower your face mask to sip your coffee

Normal was occasional rudeness, occasional reasons to complain about rules

The occasional inconvenience

To the lifestyles to which you were accustomed.

We took it all for granted

And now we can’t 

We will never live that life again.

It’s not like living a new life is something new.

We’ve all done it. 

Transitioned from grade school to middle school to high school\

Some of us to college and beyond.

To work, marriage, being a parent, caring for a parent.

New jobs, losing jobs,

That’s life

And we were okay with it,

Even when things didn’t go our way

We weren’t subservient,

We adapted.

We adjusted.

We made it work.

We did the best we could

And some of us tried to do more.

Sure, we questioned, we complained, we tried to bend the rules

But we didn’t rebel against what life was meant to be.

Now that we are creating a new normal,

We have the chance to be more vocal

To rebel, in the name of freedom

Even though we felt free before and didn’t mind the rules.

So much has changed. 

And so much feels the same.

Our lives have been turned upside down.

Those with means and foresight increased their advantage

Those at the bottom of the pyramid lost ground and gained new burdens.


Why are some people’s voices able to cut through the white noise

And others are just background noise.

Maybe voices are a metaphor for society.

Most of us remain in the background

Even when we speak we are barely heard.

Others stand out and their voices are amplified

Even when the words are nonsense.


Uncle Luke and Uncle John

Talking about girls they had in the basement

That’s what boys do, they tell their neices.

Beware of uncles and men who want to show you the dark.


My mother wasn;’t too happy.

When, [fill in the blank]


So many love songs

So many stories about stealing away, stealing love,

Hiding love, sneaking kisses, losing love, a cheating lover.

Life was more simple when we believed in Cupid

And the power of everlasting love.


Over sixty and single

Strolling the streets alone

Still searching for a soul mate

Seeking a reason to settle down


Verses and rambling

Snippets, phrase, quartets

Sunday afternoon musings

Wish this day could go on for longer

Hoping the words never end.

Thinking, sighing, typing, trying

Watching people with kids, friends, a partner

Wondering how they found their way to this time and place

Wondering how I got here too.


It’s feels sad to look in the mirror

See the lines and blemishes created by time

And then I remember this isn’t the end

And smile at the memories I see in the glass

And life is good.

All that;s missing is a partner on the road.

Solo is fun, but two drivers can go further.