Saturday, October 10, 2020


Went for a run and got the idea for this poem. Maybe a song, at some point.

My vote counts and so does yours

They all get added together and the winner has the highest score

We might not vote for the same people

But our votes still matter

If no showed up at all

Or only one side did

That wouldn’t be a democracy

I get to choose who I vote for

And so do you

Sometimes the one you vote for wins

And sometimes they lose

But if you didn’t vote at all

You would have no voice

So use your vote to say what you want\

Some people cant get to the polls and so they cant vote

Some people cant read and dont want anyone to know

Some people can’t register because they don’t have a valid ID

And some people cant vote because of a mistake they once made

Power goes to the mighty and they always want more.

They use words and their power to stoke people’s fear

The only thing they’re afraid of

Is losing their lead.