Saturday, January 30, 2021

I miss you, friend

 A personal one. They;re all personal, in a way, but this one for a different reason.

Dear Friend,

I miss you,

I miss your voice, your hugs, 

Your stories, and jokes,

Walking side-by-side on trails and sidewalks,

Listening to music together in the car,

On the road to another adventure,

Feeling a mixture of awe and jealousy when you mention seeing the band live,

I miss seeing your eyes twinkle,

And the way your face crinkles when you smile.

I miss commiserating about age, people, and life in general.

I miss all the times I wondered,

Why do I spend so much time with someone

I have feelings for,

Knowing their feelings aren’t the same.

I miss the regret for moments when

I wanted to tell you how you felt

And didn’t.

I miss you, 

My friend, hiking buddy, music buddy, 

Fellow traveler and solitary soul. 

I miss our closeness,

Conversations and banter,

Our silences together.

I miss you.