Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Where Were You Then

 This could be much longer, but I’m only posting part one now. Not sure if I will post the rest of what I wrote, This is a thought process and I’m not done thinking.

Reading comments by religious people expressing outrage

And fear

That a transgender person is being nominated to head the Health Department.

While I understand that they may perceive this as ungodly, 

I wonder,

Where was this indignation and fear over the moral trajectory of our country,

When you voted for a man who talked about grabbing women by the pussy?

When you voted for a man who was dating wife number two while married to wife number one?

Where was this indignation and fear,

When the man you voted for mocked a disabled person 

And was cheered by his supporters?

Where was the indignation and fear when,

A white supremist was a high level advisor to the man you voted for?

Where was this indignation when as president, 

He called white supremists fine people?

Where has your outrage and fear been

As our country has become further divided,

By his rhetoric and action?

Where was your outrage when he lied

And lied and lied,

And lined his family’s pockets.

Because he never divested his business interests.

Where was your fear and outrage,

As the government he led

Rewarded the rich, 

Took from the middle class and poor,

And helped corporations instead of people?

When they ignored basic Christian principles and

Blamed the needy 

Instead of helping them?

I see and hear your outrage and fear

When people say or do something you feel is ungodly.

That seems rational and understandable.

And it would be,

if that outrage and vitriol had been present,

for ungodly acts not related to someone’s sexual orientation.

If you judged people upon the merits of their work,

If you treated all people as equal,

instead of below you because they don’t worship your God the way you do.

Instead of liberal or stupid because they hold different political beliefs.

I hear you. I see you,

I feel for you.

And I wonder, would you be less outraged and fearful

If you judged less and listened more?