Sunday, February 21, 2021


Caution: sad poem. Some people read my sad poems or hear my sad songs and think I'm sad. They tell me they love me and things will get better. And I appreciate their kind thoughts. 

I write my sad poems so I don't stay sad. Writing is how I let the emotional weight out and make room for the happy. I'm grateful for being able to write and sing and walk outdoors. That is how I cope and recover from the ruts and bumps in the road that life and, these days, Mother Nature, throw at me.

I cried three times today.

Once out of frustration.

Twice in gratitude.

Sad tears and happy tears,

Slipping out of my eyes and down my cheeks.

Some dripped onto the table,

Landing near a crumpled tissue.

Today my eyes released

the storm that had been gathering.

The clouds unleashed

more tears than I usually cry in a week,

more than I cry in a month.

It’s been that kind of week.

On the edge,

Circumstances beyond my control,

Mother Nature showing her fury.

I got tired, so tired,

Being tired made me vulnerable 

to emotions that had been creeping up on me,

For days. 

I was

one second away from switching

from in control to out of control.

And now, the tears have fallen,

The sun is out.

Still no clue when this will end.

Not sure if more tears will fall. 


One day of tears can sometimes

Tell the story

better than words.

Hopefully when the tears stop,

This story will end.