Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Shirts in the drawer

 This one started from a writing prompt and then took on a life of its own.

His shirts in the drawer

She can’t stand seeing them anymore.

Sees the buttons she replaced

The stains she tried to erase.

Worn out memories

Faded logos and words.

She closes the drawer

Leaves the shirts in their place.

Third drawer down

That’s where they’ve always been

Clean and neatly folded

Growing older with each day

A reminder of good times, bad times,

And all the times in between.

When it’s time to move

She doesn’t know what she’ll do

No need to bring the furniture

Just what she needs to live,

A few reminders of where she’s been,

And space.

His shirts in the drawer

She kept them because it was easier

Than giving them away.

Soon she will need to decide

What to bring and what to leave behind.

Her head tells her to let go

Her heart asks her to hang on.

Her hands want to touch the softness

But she knows what they need to do.

Lift the shirts out of the drawer,

Place them in a bag,

And remove them from her life