Saturday, May 1, 2021

My Story

Today’s prompt came from a request that people in a group I belong to tell their story in a short video. 

My story is still being written.

Some chapters are boring

Work, walk, eat, sleep, together, alone.

The chapter I’m in now 

Is interesting,

And full of secrets

I don’t want to share.

Which makes it hard to decide what to write about.

Because I like to share what I write.

I’m human.

I like positive reinforcement.

I like getting a thumbs up.

I like seeing that people actually read what I write.

I like feeling like a real writer.

So instead of writing about my secrets,

I am writing a cryptic poem,

That I can share,

While I save my secrets, 

For the unpublished pages.

That are just for me,

My means of survival,

My personal form of therapy,

My thoughts typed as they come,

No filter

No censor,

No limits.


My truth.


The pieces of me I don’t want people to see.

The process of working out who I am

Isn’t meant for public consumption.