Friday, October 29, 2021

Ailments and Calls

 Just another attempt at communication.

The phone rang once and clicked when I picked up.

A minute later a chirping to announce a video call

I hit audio only.

More ailments,

More reasons why

We can’t get together yet

But we will

Not sure when

Or where

Or what we’ll be able to do.

Let’s talk again.

Need to get

Answers to questions,

Ask new questions,

Research new plans.

Same old people,

Wondering why it takes so long

To connect,

Wondering how to react,

And will the need ever be satisfied.

Calls, texts, emails, and messenger

Relay updates about

Appointments, diagnoses, treatment.

There’s less, more, the same.

Every time the conversation resumes.

More time to wait,

Before committing